Glen Cook

Guest of Honor

by Bruce Fagrie and Thomas Juntunen

This piece first appeared in essentially this form in the Minicon 30 program book.

Glen Cook was born in 1944 in New York City. He has lived in Columbus, Indiana; Rocklin, California; and Columbia, Missouri, where he attended the state university. While attending the Clarion Writers Workshop in 1970, he met his wife Carol and they now have three children. The Cook family lives in St. Louis where Glen works nights in a GM plant.

Glen says of himself:

Unlike most writers, I have not had strange jobs like chicken plucking and swamping out health bars. The only full-time employer I've ever had is General Motors, where I am currently doing assembly work in a light duty truck plant. My hobbies include stamp collecting and wishing my wife would let me bring home an electric guitar so my sons and I could terrorize the neighbors with our home-grown, head-banging rock and roll.

Our honored guest is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy books. His works include the Black Company fantasy series and the Garret, hard-boiled detective, fantasy series. He is also the author of the Dread Empire books, the Star Fishers series (an SF series dedicated to Richard Wagner), and The Dragon Never Sleeps. Glens personal favorite (and probably his masterpiece) is A Matter of Time, a time-travel historical mystery novel centered around the Vietnam War era.

When he isn't writing books, assembling trucks or collecting stamps, Glen can usually be found behind a hucksters table at science fiction conventions. So if you wish to meet him, stop by his area in the Minicon Dealers room, maybe do some business, and introduce yourself. Glen is a hard-working but very approachable man and we recommend him highly.

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